LEG, High Rigidity Guide Rod, High Performance, Battery-less Absolute Encoder

LEG is a rod actuator featuring a guide body with two guide rods and a front tool plate.  This is the electric version of our well-known MGP pneumatic guided actuator.  Guide rod diameters and bushings are larger than those available in the LEYG, offering improved rigidity.  The guide rods stabilize the actuator and support offset loads, making LEG suitable as a conveyor stopper, or for lifting or pushing larger objects.  The compact extruded body also has grooves for mounting external position sensors.  The 24VDC motor includes a battery-less absolute encoder, allowing the actuator to be powered down without losing its positional awareness.  Replacement battery inventory and end-of-life recycling efforts are no longer necessary.  Motor operation is provided by the JXC*H High Performance controller line, with either PLC or Ethernet fieldbus protocol interfaces.

  • Body sizes: 25, 32, 40
  • Maximum work load: 60 kg (horizontal); 27 kg (vertical) (size 40)
  • Maximum pushing force: 553 N (size 40)
  • Maximum speed: 250 mm/s (size 25)
  • Maximum stroke: 100mm
  • Positioning repeatability: ±0.02mm
LEG, High Rigidity Guide Rod, High Performance, Battery-less Absolute Encoder
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