National Pneumatics Day


National Pneumatics Day

National Pneumatics Day, founded by SMC Corporation of America in 2021, is celebrated annually on April 27. SMC Corporation was founded on this same day in 1959 and has since become the world’s largest supplier of pneumatic components for industrial automation. This day celebrates the power of air and the importance of pneumatics in sustainable automation.

As the leading global manufacturer of pneumatic components, SMC supports the responsible and sustainable use of pneumatics. We partner with our customers to discover creative ways to reduce overall compressed air and electrical consumption more than anyone else in the industry. Our comprehensive approach focuses on consuming less raw materials in our manufacturing process by making our products smaller, lighter, and extending the operating life.

How to Celebrate

This day is to be celebrated by maintaining your industrial compressed air system. Some maintenance practices include:

  • Minimizing air leaks
  • Changing the element in pneumatic air filters
  • Reducing the supply pressure from air compressors

The combination of these practices helps to reduce electrical consumption, industrial CO2 emissions, and machine downtime.

How SMC Celebrates

SMC celebrates in a few different ways:

  1. We host webinars about pneumatic systems, their maintenance, and sustainability in automation.
  2. We present a company with the Sustainability in Automation Award.
  3. We host a Community Day for the public to learn about SMC, pneumatics, and sustainability in automation.
  4. We host a Social Media Contest for Next Generation Engineers in recognition of the future of the industry.