Air Management System with OPC UA

Sustainability – Condition Based Maintenance - Digitalization

The Air Management System is available in two basic configurations that vary by the standby regulator used.  The A type utilizes the electro-pneumatic regulator while the B type uses the manual type standby regulator.  Both types include an isolation valve and can be configured as remotes (SA) or as fieldbus connected bases (EN, PN).  The hubs have an extra IO link port for connection to additional devices that can communicate through the system.

  • Automated Short and Long-term Standby functionality to conserve air
  • Constant compressed Air Pressure, Flow & Temperature measurement
  • Automated data stream for leak detection & air performance analysis
  • Use the integrated OPC UA Server and/or choose Fieldbus Protocol
  • Electronic or Manual pressure setting
  • Standard M12 connections
  • Add additional sensors via IO-Link & Digital Inputs
  • IP65 Ingress protection
  • ISO Quality Air achievable with SMC’s AC-D Modular Air Preparation
  • Reduce wiring with a secure 100m proprietary wireless transmission range
  • Soft Start functionality
  • Mechanically compatible with Safety Vent Valves (Cat 4PLe)
  • 4 size options to suit differing machines covering 0 – 4,000 l/min & ¼” to 1” ports


Air Management System Configurations