Product Demonstrations

We Can Bring the Trade Show to You!


SMC will bring to you an on-site trade show to help you stay competitive with the latest innovations in Industrial Automation and related technologies.


SMC Product Demonstrations by one of our field representatives are the solution! SMC's national sales team of Direct Salespeople, working with our expansive network of authorized Distributors, is equipped with a large inventory of SMC Product Demonstrations to help you stay competitive.


SMC Product Demonstrations are compact "briefcase" sized portable units ready to be powered with pressurized air and electricity to transform into working displays. They can be exhibited individually or combined to create your very own, customized “Trade Show”.


Examples of SMC Product Demonstrations


  • Energy Conservation (Air Saving) Products
  • Static Electricity Neutralization, Ionizer Technology
  • Compact and Miniature Actuator Technology
  • High Precision Linear Guided and Rotary Actuators
  • Electric Rodless Actuator Technology
  • FRL, Pressure Relief Valve, and Pressure Switches
  • Solenoid and Compact Solenoid Valve Technology
  • Process and Metering Valves for Wet Applications
  • High Purity and PTFE Products


For more information on SMC Product Demonstrations, please contact 1-800-SMC-SMC1 or your nearest SMC Sales Branch.