The IZG10 Gun Type Ionizer combines the functions of a triggered, compressed air blow gun and a high frequency AC ionizer.  This device allows a user to easily clean dust-contaminated workpieces, or separate clinging films or sheets of paper or carboard during manual operations.  Once the target materials are cleaned, additional operations can be performed such as assembly, printing or labeling, surface treatment, or packaging.  Ergonomic features such as a low 200g weight, easy to hold grip, and trigger settings improve comfort and reduce user fatigue.  Energy savings result from selecting a pulse blowing mode, an OFF timer, or setting on the flow adjustment valve.  High visibility LEDs indicate power, ion generation, maintenance requirement, or function errors.  A removable nozzle allows emitter cleaning and eventual replacement at its end of life.  An optional 30psi OSHA-compliant bypass nozzle is also available.  Finally, a bright LED at the front illuminates the target area for detailed work.  Includes 3m power supply cable.