Dust Collector, Pulse Valve, Series JSXF Solenoid Type

Dust collector reverse pulse jet valves are the filter cleaning components for baghouses (dust collection systems) for preventing dust explosions by removing particulates from the air.  The JSXF dust collector valve is engineered with a robust elastomer diaphragm that requires no spring to shift, enhancing its service life to 10 million plus cycles while producing faster response times and energy savings. The JSXF diaphragm valve will open and close rapidly to create a short, intense blast of air with sonic shock wave to dislodge accumulated dust from bag filters and cartridge filters without disrupting regular operations.


  • Integrated Solenoid type
  • Service Life: 10 million plus cycles
  • Maximum: 35% reduced air consumption
  • Maximum: 15% increased peak pressure
  • Threaded and compression fitting connection
  • Standard and 56 ATEX Category 3

For Industries

  • Abrasive Blasting (Parts Cleaning)
  • Asphalt, Concrete and Aggregates
  • Fertilizer
  • Forestry and Lumber
  • Grain and Agriculture
  • Metal Fabrication (Cutting, Grinding, Machining)
  • Mining
  • Paper and Pulp Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Powder and Bulk Solids Handling
  • Power Generation (Gas Turbines)
  • Rubber Processing
  • Steel and Smelting
Dust Collector, Pulse Valve, Series JSXF Solenoid Type
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