LEY*G, High Performance Rod, Absolute Batteryless Encoder

LEY*G is a high performance version of the standard rod actuator, suitable for push, pull, lift and press applications.  Cycle time is dramatically reduced by a combination of higher maximum speed and acceleration/deceleration.  Speed gains are 20-60% faster, depending on motor size, ballscrew pitch, and stroke.  The 24VDC motor also includes a battery-less absolute encoder, allowing the actuator to be powered down without losing its positional awareness.  Replacement battery inventory and end-of-life recyclilng efforts are no longer necessary.  Motor operation is provided by the JXC*H High Performance controller line, with PLC, IO-Link or Ethernet fieldbus protocol interfaces.  Actuator dimensions and mounting are identical to the standard LEY, alowing an upgrade for existing equipment.  I/O and actuator cables are also identical to the standard LEY.

  • Body sizes: 16, 25, 40
  • Maximum work load: 100 kg (horizontal); 46 kg (vertical)
  • Maximum speed: 800 mm/s (16mm lead, size 40)
  • Maximum acceleration: 10, 000 mm/s ²
  • Stroke range: 30 to 500mm in 50mm increments
  • Positioning repeatability: ±0.02mm
  • Motor type: 24 VDC step motor with absolute batteryless encoder
LEY*G, High Performance Rod, Absolute Batteryless Encoder
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