The ZSE20A(F) series is a high-precision digital pressure switch offering many popular ZSE features, with a streamlined selection of piping choices.  Compared to the ZSE20, the ZSE20AF adds a 2nd switch output, as well as an analog output, either voltage or current.  ZSE20A is vacuum rated, while the ZSE20AF is rated for vacuum and a low positive pressure range.  Each model in the ZSE20 family offers a 2-screen, 3-color display.  The main screen shows the current measured numeric value in orange.  Delay time for the switch ouput can be as brief as 1.5 ms, while currect consumption is held to 35 mA of less. ZSE20A(F) is UL/CSA, CE and RoHS compliant, with an IP40 enclosure rating.